Devin U. Caserta
Furry MassPathwayPlungeOrange CrushPeeking NeonIn and OutThree WayFireflyTwirlGrid BlocksSlideLassoPlumpThinSurface 2ColdOutwardEyeEye TopMiddle EyeConnectedIrisThe VisitorParasiticTwistField ViewYin YangWhiskersNeon LoopAround 1Around 2BurrowWrapDistanceNight DanceNewborn
Mindscape Series
In these drawings I create surface texture and organic forms with illusions of continuous ambiguous areas that recede into a mysterious dark background. This ambiguity allows for the viewer to interpret these mysterious unseen parts of the drawings. My drawings can be read as narratives taking place in a world in which relations between different elements act out evocative biological dramas in unfamiliar environments. There is movement and tension, an internal force that pulls things into the void.